Naboso (meaning "barefoot" in Czech) is the first-ever small nerve proprioceptive material commercially available in the health and fitness industry. The skin on the bottom of the foot contains thousands of (small nerve) proprioceptors, which are sensitive to  different stimuli including texture, vibration, skin stretch,deep pressure and light touch. When stimulated these proprioceptors play an important role in how we maintain upright stance, activate our postural muscles and dynamically control impact forces.

One of the key features of Naboso  Technology is the evidence-based texture that is integrated throughout the material. Several studies including 2011 study by Hatton et al,demonstrated that specific textures will actually improve balance and stability by reducing medial lateral sway. At Naboso Technology we proudly match this evidence-based texture shape, height and distance to ensure that we get the most accurate stimulation of the nervous system.

Another feature of Naboso Technology is our evidence-based hardness of the material. Again based on research, studies have supported that harder surfaces more effectively stimulate the nervous system and provide increased proprioceptive input from the ground up A 2012 study by
Iglesias et al, demonstrated that the harder the insole studied the greater the reduction in medial lateral sway.

Currently at Naboso Technology we have two products - our barefoot training mat and our proprioceptive insole - both of which integrate our
patent-pending Naboso material.  The Naboso Barefoot Training Mat can be integrated into all barefoot exercises including but not limited to yoga, Pilates, bodyweight training, kettlebells, ViPR plus more. Our Naboso Proprioceptive Insoles are going to change the insole industry forever. With clinical, neurodevelopment, athletic and fall reduction applications we are particularly excited about the launch of this product.

We at Naboso Technology are dedicated to advancing fitness, Cheap Replica Handbags performance and rehab from the ground up through surface science and barefoot technology that is evidence-basedWe proudly stand behind our products knowing that they are back by science to help you move better.



Throughout Dr Splichal's teachings she began to notice that as soon as people activated their nervous system they would then train on surfaces that would immediately de-activate the feet and delay the nervous system again.What we train on, whether it be a yoga mat or AstroTurf, elevator shoes for men ultimately nfluences how our foot activates and communicates with the rest of our nervous system. This is especially important when we are training barefoot or focusing on movements that require rapid stabilization.

No training surface to date has been designed to specifically target the small nerve proprioceptors on the bottom of the feet. Dr Splichal knew
that the time was  right and the industry was ready for a material specific to the barefoot stimulation - and thus began the evolution of
Naboso Technology.